Employer: Legacy Auto Sales LLC

Job Title: Sales and Marketing Specialist

Work Location: Modesto, CA.

Travel: Position requires 10% of domestic and international travel.

Job Code: NM-1161.2

Job Description: Research market conditions of used vehicles in local, regional and national areas. Gather information to determine potential sales of used vehicles in the US and other countries in the Gulf region. Create a marketing campaign for used vehicles at auction in the US based on the market demands in the Gulf region countries. Gather information on competitors, prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution of used cars in the US and other countries in the Gulf region based on the knowledge of market demands, trends and culture in the Persian Gulf region. Must have experience working with government agencies to export and import vehicles as well as setting up and running sales business in US and/or other countries in the Gulf region.

Minimum Requirements:

Position requires a High School Diploma, plus 8 years of experience as a Sales Specialist or similar profession.

The rate of pay is $63,190 - $73,190 per year.

How to Apply: Applicants may report or send resumes to Legacy Auto Sales LLC Attn:

Human Resources, 3824 Mchenry avenue, Modesto, CA 95356.

Please reference this Notice and job code NM-1161.2







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